Angelica’s Area Spotlight: Huron Park and Brigadoon, Kitchener

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Once you travel to the southern edges of the City of Kitchener you’ll reach an area that is a rather special mix of agriculture, natural beauty and city amenities. And at the heart of this mix are the communities of Huron Park and Brigadoon.

Brigadoon is a rather modern feeling area filled with neat and relatively new suburban homes. All around these homes you’ll find a mixture of gorgeous forested areas and fabulous farmland. So central is nature to the area that many of the homes actually boast their own little forest in the backyard and despite the fact that this is a very much a contemporary neighbourhood the abundance of green and open spaces lends it a very intimate and private vibe.

Huron Park is one of the newest developments in the Waterloo Region, with many new homes dotting a conveniently connected network of streets and cul-de-sacs that offer quick access out of the city and off to the 401. The neighbourhood offers an excellent family atmosphere, being lively enough while still just far enough apart from the noisier, busier areas within the city proper.

Both areas are dominated in many ways by the extraordinary Huron Natural Area, a vast and winding conservation area that includes ponds, creeks and a network of marked paths.


These trails are popular places for residents to head no matter what the season. They can walk, run, bike or even rollerblade through some stunning scenery, stop to do a spot of bird watching or fishing or enjoy an al fresco feast in one of the forested picnic areas. In the winter Huron offers wonderful cross country skiing opportunities, as well as the chance to play hockey on one of the many ponds.

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Despite all of this natural beauty the area is far from isolated. Many businesses are located within the area and the The Sunrise Shopping Centre is a still developing mall that offers a little something for everyone, from big box stores like WalMart to smaller niche boutiques and some rather nice casual eateries.

As these two neighbourhoods are rather new, it’s little surprise that so are the schools that serve them. A new high school and elementary school ensure commutes are short for dropping off the kids and the YWCA-Jean Steckle Childcare Centre completes the roster of family friendly facilities on hand.

The areas of Brigadoon and Huron Park are considered to be rather ‘hot’ at the moment. They offer proximity to everywhere you need while still having lots of parks and green spaces. Properties are very varied too, from executive homes to semi-detached town-homes and condo units, and as the areas continue to develop and grow, homes there are certainly a great investment as well as a wonderful place to live.

These are just two of the areas that make our region – and living here – so special. Interested in learning more about living there? Feel free to give Aron or myself a call anytime.

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