Top Tips for Stocking The Essential New Homeowner’s Tool Box

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Even if you don’t consider yourself to be much of a DIY’er one of the first purchases you should make as a newly minted homeowner is a new toolbox, and a selection of tools to go in it. From hanging pictures to fixing that dripping faucet you had not realised even existed (until it had driven you nuts for a few nights) every homeowner has more reasons to break out a toolbox than they often bargain for, so it should be a good one.

That being said you don’t need to spend a small fortune on heavy duty tools and gadgets that you’ll quite possibly never use. Here’s a look at the essential elements you should pick up at the local home store to ensure you’ll have the basics on hand whenever the need crops up:

Screwdriver Set: This is the one set of tools that you might want to spend a little more on. Almost every little DIY or repair job around the home calls for a screwdriver so it’s always a good idea to have more than a few on hand; four sizes of flat head and 4 sizes of Phillips is a reasonable rule of thumb. And if you don’t like having to put in too much effort a powered screwdriver with interchangeable heads is a decent investment as well.

Hammer: A good, all purpose hammer should feel balanced and comfortable in your hand, so it may be sensible to buy one for each member of the household who’s likely to be making use of one.

Measuring Tape – You’ll need to measure a lot of things while furnishing and setting up a new home. A sturdy, 30 ft retractable model should, however, be more than adequate for every task you need it for.

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Pliers – A simple pair of locking pliers will suffice for most household tasks but if you want to tackle a few simple plumbing tasks yourself – remember that leaky faucet? – you should also invest in a pair of groove-joint pliers as well as a set of needle-nose pliers for cutting wire.

Adjustable Wrench – Again, another must have for little plumbing jobs but will come in handy for lots of other little fixes as well.

Power Drill – You don’t need to invest in a super-powered model, a 14- or 18-volt variable-speed reversing cordless drill should be perfect for use to accomplish almost all of the tasks you’ll need it for.

Handsaw – A small saw with easily interchangeable blades is perfect for cutting pipes, wood trim, plastic of almost any kind and more. Just make sure to have plenty of new blades on hand as they do tend to dull very quickly.

Screws, nails and picture hangers – You’ll be astonished by just how many of these you’ll need while turning your new house into a home, so a utility set featuring several different sizes of each is never going to be a bad buy.

A Toolbox – Finally, you’ll need that toolbox to keep all of this stuff in. It should be roomy, have decent separators and compartments and, once purchased and filled, placed in a central location where it’s easy for everyone in the house – with the exception of small children – to access when needed.

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