Easy and Effective Ways to Customize Your Waterloo Region Home’s Exterior

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While a neighbourhood might be a very nice one, offering access to all kinds of great amenities and a wonderful lifestyle, often the homes in it all look very similar to one another. This is something home owners often long to change, both when living in the home and at sale time when they really want their home to stand out from the crowd (but only in a good way)

In the past, the options for customizing the exterior features of the average modern house may have been few and far between. But today, everything from siding to roofing is available in a wide range of styles, colors and designs that allow you to make sensible, tasteful customizations to your Waterloo Region home more easily and inexpensively, than you might imagine.

If you’re looking to customize your castle with ease, and yet still ensure it will appeal to a wide range of buyers should you decide to sell up in the future concentrate your efforts on a few of the following areas:


Exterior trim can give your home a graceful, almost Victorian appearance even if it is almost brand new. One great option to consider is trim crafted using option is polyvinyl chloride (PVC) composition. This material looks and even feels like wood but is easier to clean and maintain and is far less susceptible to the ravages of unpredictable weather and even time itself.


If you want to give your home a fast and but larger and more impactful makeover, consider replacing its siding.

Available in a vast array of colors and textures, siding can make your home stand out and increase its value. Vinyl and fiber cement are two materials that are easy to maintain and will last over time.

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Outdoor living is a hot trend that keeps getting hotter and adding a deck is one of the most dramatic ways to customize your home and increase its functionality at the same time. Since they make many decks with easy-to-clean materials such as weather-resistant composite decking, they’re easy to maintain as well.


A set of new shingles can add a touch of personality to your home  or improve its curb appeal if you’re planning on selling it. Since the roof covers the most area of a home’s exterior, it makes a big difference in terms of first impressions.


A fence is often a wonderful addition to both the front and backyard of a home. It’s available in a huge array of different styles – from the classic white picket to more ornate wrought iron options. You can even opt for a ‘walled’ look like the very eco friendly bamboo fencing shown above.

A fenced-in yard – no matter the type of fence – can also be an excellent selling point, as parents, whether they are the parents of human kids or fur kids – or both – almost always appreciate the benefits that a safer enclosed yard has to offer to their family.

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