New Home Checklist: What to Do Before You Move

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You’ve done it! You’ve closed on your new Waterloo Region home, the movers are scheduled and now it’s just a matter of time before you head to your new house as its proud new owners.

Before the big move day however, there is still lots left to do. Or there is if you want the transition to your new home to be as efficient, pleasant and safe as possible. To help you do all this here are some tips to keep in mind.

Take Care of Those Closing Documents

Immediately after the closing make three complete copies of all the documents. Plan to store one in your new home, add another to a safe deposit box at your bank and keep the third to show to providers such as home insurers as they will ask for them and the last thing you want to do is to part with your only copy, even temporarily.

Change The Locks At Your New Home

Unless the previous owners specifically told you they have already done so, which is rare, you should change all the locks in your new home. This should include not only the front and back doors but also the garage and any storage sheds. You should also change any electronic keypad codes at the same time.

Why? Because over the years we all give a spare key to the neighbour, or a relative, that is often then forgotten about. Or tell our friends the access code for the alarm system. By taking the time to change everything you will help to ensure your life in your new home is as secure as possible.

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Personalize Your Mailbox and Doorbell

It’s your place now, so put your stamp on it, or your name at least and personalize your mailbox and doorbell. The reasons for doing so are twofold. The first is that it will help the transition between owners a little smoother for people like the mailman. And the second is that it’s just a nice celebration of the fact that yes, this really is your place now.

Schedule a Deep Cleaning

Ideally the previous owners left your new home in a nice, tidy state, but to get off to the best start you may still want to schedule a deep cleaning before you move in, at least for things like carpets and hardwood floors. This is also a great time to get any HVAC systems inspected and get those filters changed at the same time.

Measure Stuff

Before you move in all your furniture, take essential measurements of things like windows (for window treatments) and closets (for closet organizers, so you can start off as organized as you mean to go on.)

Adjust the Hot Water Heater

Ideally your hot water heater should be set to 49 C (120F) or lower, especially if you have kids, to both avoid nasty bathwater burns and keep your hot water heating bills under control.

Get Social

Pick some flowers from your garden or make a batch of cookies and head out to meet your new neighbors. Exchange names and phone numbers and ask about neighborhood social gatherings. If you have children, you could also inquire about play groups in the area.

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Settling down into your new house shouldn’t be stressful. Use this new home checklist to feel prepared and excited about your upcoming move. If you need help selling your old Waterloo Region home, contact us, we’re here to help.

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