Want to Sell Your Waterloo Region Home Faster? Do This

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To some Waterloo Region home sellers, it seems perfectly sensible to remain in the house when potential buyers are brought over by real estate agents for a viewing of their property. As the owner, they will be able to point out the most important of the home’s fabulous features and immediately answer all the questions a buyer might have. Sellers who do this must be a big help to their real estate agent, right?

The answer is no, it’s not. Having sellers demand that they put on their hosting hats and welcome guests into the home is something most real estate agents – including us – dread. Why? It’s certainly not because we don’t like you. But there are some very good reasons that it is best that sellers not be present when their home is shown. Allow us to explain why.

The Comfort Factor

When home sellers are around, buyers feel uncomfortable. They are likely to feel rushed and will spend less time in the home, since their visit feels like an imposition and intrusion on the sellers. They won’t ask the questions they want and usually the only thing they will be really interested in is getting out and heading off to the next home their agent has to lined up to show them.

This is the opposite of what needs to happen in order to sell a home. Buyers must be made to feel as comfortable as possible. This will encourage them to take their time and truly consider the home for purchase. They will be more likely to notice those very features the sellers were hoping to point out, since they won’t be rushed.

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Skipped Questions

Buyers also typically feel more comfortable asking their real estate agent rather than the owner questions about the property. They may have a concern the agent can address that the buyer would not be willing to bring up in front of the seller. So, once again they will usually cross the home off their list and move on.

Sellers can also get more helpful feedback indirectly through the agent. For example, a bad odor in the home may be an issue, but buyers might feel rude bringing this up in front of the seller. If sellers can obtain honest feedback, they can use this to improve future showings and sell the home faster.

The Security Question

Sometimes sellers want to be present at showings because they have concerns about security. They worry about letting strangers into their home. This is understandable, but it’s not going to get the home sold.

Your real estate agent represents you when you are not there in all things, including the security of your home. Buyers are vetted before they are shown homes and while you might not be present at a showing, we are. It’s a part of our job to ensure the security of your home and the things in it, and a responsibility we take very seriously.

So, if you want to sell your Waterloo Region home as quickly as possible, plan to head out for coffee or hit the gym when your agent tells you they’ll be showing your home, and we promise we’ll look after it while also making sure we showcase it in the very best light!

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