Why It Pays to Have a Waterloo Region’s Buyer’s Agent on Your Side

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These days, a click of the mouse can open a world of dream homes to you. You can spend hours online lining up a list of properties you are interested in seeing and they’ll all have the direct contact number for the listing agent so you can call them yourself and set up a showing. So why would you need a buyer’s agent when shopping for a Waterloo Region home?

When you’re facing down a determined seller or trying to figure out what to offer, you’ll find out. It literally pays to have a Waterloo Region buyer’s agent on your side.

Buying a Home is All about Negotiation

This is how a real estate transaction should ideally progress: On one side there’s the home seller and his or her listing agent, who is bound by a legal agreement to represent the seller’s interest. They get the fair price they were hoping for and are happily making plans to move on.

On the other side is the buyer–you–who walk out a winner, having paid a price you’re comfortable with for a home you love.

But to get there, you’ll need comparables to establish just what that fair price is; an educated perspective on the local real estate market; connections to home inspectors, lawyers and mortgage brokers; and someone who is bound by a legal agreement–a buyer’s agreement–to represent your interests and yours alone.

That would be the buyer’s agent. He or she puts you on level ground with the seller.

When the Going Gets Tough …

In tough negotiations that involve multiple offers – something that is common in a ‘hot’ real estate market where the homes are being snapped up fast – as a home buyer you need someone who will advise you on bidding strategy and is required by law to treat everything you share in confidence.

Road to Homeownership: Repairing Credit After Bankruptcy

As they have the experience, a buyer’s agent steps in as your negotiator. They conduct everything cooly, without emotion and ‘by the book’, something that it is very hard for homebuyers to do alone.

In “as is” situations or when home inspections turn up expensive surprises, you need a professional to advise you as to how best to proceed. Should you stay or should you go? A buyer’s agent can give you some much-needed perspective.

Even when things are going smoothly, another perspective is often important. Buying a home is a big financial commitment, but it’s a large emotional one as well. It’s easy to fall so in love with one or two amazing aspects of a home and overlook some of its downsides.

It’s also easy to imagine that you can take a fixer upper and revamp it in weeks HGTV style. An experienced buyer’s agent can look at the situation without the rose-coloured glasses home buyers often see things through and help them see the realities, both good and bad – of the home purchase they are considering.

Effectively, your buyer’s agent is your new best friend. Don’t leave home – or buy a home – without one.

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