Understanding The Appeal of a Waterloo Region Smart Home

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Innovative technology is transforming the world, and that includes the real estate marketplace.

As they design and select homes, today’s Waterloo Region home buyers are looking for options that were nonexistent for homeowners 20 years ago. Or even 10 years ago. Modern houses – and we don’t just mean new homes, but homes that have been ‘tech upgraded’ – enhanced with smart technology, have become more than rooms and walls.

These smart homes are integrated systems of efficiency, entertainment, and security, designed to cater to a high-tech lifestyle, something that is especially appealing to the Millennial and Gen Z homebuyers who are an ever-increasing demographic in the real estate market right now.

These technological smart home advances are adding value to Waterloo Region homes in creative ways:


Control centers allow owners to manage almost everything in the home remotely. They can turn up the heat, turn on the lights, or turn off the television from around the globe. With remote access, homeowners no longer have to worry about misplaced or stolen keys. They can even grant entry to others while they are away from home.


Wireless technology and video surveillance options have transformed home security. Systems can be added without drilling holes and hiding wires. Cameras and video technology allow personal, remote observation of the home inside and out.

In addition to securing their home against crime, home owners can check on Fido while they are out, confirm a package delivery, or enjoy peace of mind that the kids arrived safely home from school.

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Smart technology can provide greater efficiency for utilities, which can provide significant savings over the years. Improved temperature control technology, remote access to thermostats, and better utility sensors can create a highly efficient home and one that is a lot more cost effective to run.


The Internet of things has added multiple new features to homes. Homeowners can link smart appliances, security systems, and more to connect every facet of their lives. The connectivity a home offers can boost its value to plugged-in buyers who are seeking modern networking capabilities.

Getting the Best ROI on Your Smart Home Tech Investment

These smart technologies are becoming more affordable and more accessible. And more and more buyers expect to find high-tech options listed among standard home features. But which should a Waterloo Region homeseller – or soon to be Waterloo Region homeseller – consider adding to get the best ROI?

A programmable thermostat is an excellent investment. They are affordable, relatively easy to install and buyers practically expect to them. An older thermostat that cannot offer the energy and money saving benefits that something like Google’s Nest can will equate to wasted money in their minds, and you don’t want that.

Keyless entry systems are another relatively simple smart home upgrade that buyers will love. Home buyers will not only appreciate the extra security that bypassing physical keys offers but also that simply by changing a code they will be able to make the home they buy theirs, without having to worry about the hassle of changing the locks or just who might have keys to their new home that the previous owner forgot were out there.

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