5 Home Buyer Turn-Offs to Avoid This Autumn

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When you’re in the process of selling a Waterloo Region home and moving, you have a lot on your plate. In addition to looking for your own next new place you might be job-searching, researching your intended new neighbourhood, and doing everything you can to keep your kitchen spotless for the next showing.

With so much going on, it’s easy to let seasonal maintenance items slide, but this would be a mistake. It’s crucial to care for these items to keep your home in top shape. The exterior provides the first impression of your home, so make the effort to boost your home’s autumn curb appeal. Here’s how.

1. Manicure the Yard

Yes, the leaves are falling fast, and the greenery in your garden is fading, but it’s still essential you keep your landscaping tidy. Sweep walkways, rake those leaves, cut what remains of the grass and pull those dying weeds.

A well-kept yard even with little adornment is appealing to buyers. Dead tree limbs, piles of leaves and overgrown lawns are not. In fact, they can be instant turn-offs. If possible, to replace those colorful summer blooms add some hardy potted plants to your deck, patio or even just along the lawn itself.

2. Clean Your Gutters

This task is easy to forget about, but its neglect can lead to significant issues. Clogged gutters can cause drainage issues that damage your landscaping and your foundation. If buyers see puddling water and piles of debris on the roofline, they won’t get a good impression of your home.

Hove to Move Your Plants to Your New Home

Most home buyers know of the damage overflowing gutters can cause and while yes, they could plan to clean them themselves the fact that you didn’t will indicate to them that this is the norm, and so (even if it’s not true) there may be existing water damage they would need to deal with.

3. Check for Critters

Uninvited guests are a sure turn-off for any home buyer. Make sure no pests have made your home their own this season. Inspect any attic, basement and crawl spaces. Cover vents with wire mesh and plug any holes or cracks that could allow animals access to your home.

4. Wash the Windows

That’s right–this isn’t just a spring-cleaning project. To attract home buyers, keep those panes sparkling all year long. Be sure to wipe them down after storms to keep windows looking sharp and check them regularly for damaged caulk or cracks (yes, a home buyer will look for those things.)

5. Stay in Season

You never want to let your Waterloo Region home for sale look out of season. It gives the impression that you no longer care about the home and it is not well maintained. Be mindful of what is in the yard, on the deck or sitting on the front porch. Keep furniture, plants and decor in season. Let potential buyers know your property is well cared for by staying on top of these seasonal tasks while also setting an attractive visual image of just how the home can be used from season to season.

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