Home Decor Spotlight: A Fireplace for Every Space

A fireplace has long been an item that is often found on many a home buyer’s wishlist, ranking right up there in popularity with hardwood floors and granite countertops. These buyers are usually only expecting to see a fireplace in the living room though; ready to serve as the centre of the heart of their potential new home.

With a rise in the number of alternative fuel fireplaces available – and available for some very reasonable prices to boot – the fireplace is one of the bigger home decor trends expected to dominate in 2020, but not just for the living room, for all across the home instead.

With this in mind, here is a look at the fireplace options beginning to appear more often right now and the fresh home decor and home staging possibilities they represent.

Fireplaces in the Kitchen

A fireplace in the kitchen is nothing new. In decades past they were a fixture in such a space and as the kitchen has truly become the centre of the action in many homes, it is fitting that the fireplace is making a welcome return there.

Fireplaces in the Bedroom

In the colder months the ideal bedroom is supposed to be your cosy retreat from the icy world outside, and so adding a fireplace there makes perfect sense. You won’t want it on in the summer of course, but if you choose one of the newer modern options, it will still make a huge design impact that will be attractive and effective in terms of home decor all year long.

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Fireplaces in the Bathroom

The bathroom can be a cold and unforgiving place, especially in the early morning. The addition of a fireplace can add easy warmth and a shot of high style that simply screams high-end luxury, even if you choose one of the more affordable and easy to install wall options available at most home stores today.

Fireplaces for Your Outdoor Space

The trend towards making greater use of as a home’s outdoor square footage as functional living space is not slowing. An outdoor fireplace is a great way to extend the function of a patio, deck or lawn, allowing it to be used in spring, fall, and for the hardier souls even in winter.

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