How Basement Remodeling Will Change Your Life

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Your unfinished basement is probably not a place you visit too often. Most of them are dark and gloomy places where mismatched old furniture and forgotten toys go to die, or the outdoor furniture is stored for the winter. What a waste that is when you could be putting all that unused real estate to so many better uses.

When considering a basement remodeling project the possibilities are really only limited by two things – your budget and your imagination.

Given that a finished basement is always an extra selling point for any home it may be well worth looking into a home equity loan or line of credit to help you pay for the best possible basement remodeling project and if you should find yourself lacking ideas here are a few of the most popular :

The Home Office

More and more people these days are opting to work at home, for at least part of the time. Whether you start up your own business or telecommute rather than driving all the way to the office a couple of days a week, in order to work at home successfully you need a real office, and the basement is the perfect location.

The distractions around the house – blaring televisions, screaming kids, the ever present sink full of dishes – are one of the biggest reasons people find it hard to be productive when working from home. By moving operations to the basement you are taking yourself away from all that and stand a far better chance of putting in a good, steady day of work each and every day.

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The Home Gym

Be honest, do you really enjoy going to the gym? The lines for the machines, the slightly grubby changing rooms and the smug looks from the Barbie and Ken couple across the room as you try desperately to survive fifteen minutes on the treadmill all drive many people to abandon their fitness program before they ever really begin.

Adding a home gym in your basement is really not at all difficult and gives you the freedom to work out away from critical eyes and ensures that you never again have to fight to get your turn on the best elliptical in the joint.

The Man Cave/Media Room

On any given weekend living rooms all across Canada are taken over sports fans who feel the need to gather together and spill beer all over the brand-new couch and drip hot wing sauce onto the beige carpet while they watch the “big game”.

Why not move the action down to the basement and create your very own media room aka man cave? Sports fans will have all the room they need to celebrate goals, touchdowns and home runs and a basement media room can also be a great place to send the teenager who refuses to stop playing “Call of Duty 27” even when the rest of the entire neighborhood has long gone to bed.

Finishing a basement the right way takes a great deal of expertise and experience though. As they are below grade installations, every basement is prone to damp (and of course flooding) and so ensuring that a basement conversion is performed properly and completely is a must, as there is nothing worse than having that beauty of a 60-inch big screen TV blow up mid game because creeping damp has slowly been frying its circuits!

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