Waterloo Region Home Decor Design Trends for 2020

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Wondering what’s hot and what’s not for interior design for the soon to arrive New Year, which also happens to be a new decade? Whether you’re hoping to create a buyer-friendly look as you prep your Waterloo Region home for sale or simply want to stay on trend, these finishes and design trends will help you keep your surroundings looking sharp.

Wall Design Trends

Neutral is still in, especially if you are staging your home for sale, but cold whites are fading away. Designers and decor specialists are reducing their use of these cold tones in favor of softer whites. And you should do the same.

These softer white trending paint colors help make modern spaces feel warmer and more welcoming while maintaining that neutral vibe. And there are lots of white shades to choose from, as a quick visit to a local home store’s paint department will quickly reveal.

Cool Kitchens

Designers are moving away from all-white kitchens to add splashes of color. Deep blues, grays, and greens are growing in popularity for kitchen cabinet choices. All the cabinets don’t have to be the same color, either. One hue may be chosen for top cabinetry and accented with another shade for bottom cabinets. Contrasting metals in the hardware and fixtures can complete the trend beautifully.

Hot Off the Presses

Recent enhancements to printing processes and modern materials have increased the quality of all kinds of faux finishes. This emerging technology is allowing homeowners and designers to achieve the look of stone and other high-end finishes for flooring at a fraction of the cost and with easier installation. Choices such as marble and concrete will likely see a downturn in 2020 as they are replaced by more affordable, but attractive, faux options.

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From the Outdoors

More than ever, homeowners are looking to connect with nature in their décor. Wood finishes are an increasingly popular way to do this. Wood offers beauty and flexibility to apply to a variety of surroundings and suits a broad range of tastes.

Homeowners can also incorporate this material to create a lighter and airier space, which is what many homebuyers are seeking. Wood also creates a warmer space, and when used in the kitchen especially it can be more attractive to many home buyers than a stark space filled with cold looking stainless steel.

Speaking of the great outdoors, buyers are also more environmentally aware than ever before. Current green design trends that are appealing to an increasing number of people include eco-friendly materials and processes that reduce a home’s carbon footprint. Contractors and homeowners are striving to make sustainable choices that have a positive long-term impact on the environment.

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