Three Steps To Home Inspection Zen

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For many prospective home sellers, the process of a home inspection can feel like a stressful, even intrusive experience. The thought of letting a judgmental stranger to examine and judge every nook and cranny is not a comfortable one for many. Knowing that their home sale may rest on what this person thinks about what they see in the home makes things even more fraught. But a home inspection is not as scary as you might think.

By maintaining an even perspective and keeping in mind three core tenets, you can make your home inspection process an easier, less stressful one.

Keep Your Feelings Grounded In Reality

Everyone wants to think that they have the best home on the block, a spotless testament to a diligent work ethic and family prosperity. As homes age, the reality is that they will develop problems here and there that a home inspector is trained to uncover that you may not have seen, even when decluttering and staging your home for sale.

No matter how great a condition your home is in, the purpose of a home inspection is to uncover all the issues that a prospective buyer might have a problem with, so prepare yourself for that eventuality.

These problems are often not a reflection on your care of the home but more its initial construction and degradation over time, two things you have little control over. This is just another step in a real estate transaction and preparing for a few issues here and there will greatly reduce your stress.

Put Yourself In A Buyer’s Shoes

Imagine that you are stepping into your home for the first time, looking at it with a critical eye to determine whether you’d want to live there and what you’d fix if you did. This is the kind of mentality a buyer is bringing to your real estate transaction and their home inspector’s job is to bring to light any problems that a walkthrough – or several walkthroughs – of the property may not have uncovered.

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It’s rare that a home inspector will think that you, as a homeowner, are attempting to deceive buyers deliberately, so if they do find something wrong you had been unaware of don’t take the revelation personally, just resolve to find a way to fix the problem – or change the proposed sale terms to take the problem into account – as quickly as possible.

Order a Home Inspection Before You Put Your Home Up for Sale

Perhaps the single easiest way to take much of the stress out of a home inspection is to order your own prior to your home being put on the market for sale. Knowing from the outset if there are any unseen issues with your home will allow you to really be prepared to sell and being able to show a home inspection to a prospective buyer up front will help give them extra piece of mind and often make them more inclined to make an offer.

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