How to Get Over Losing Out on a Waterloo Region Home You REALLY Wanted

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They were such big plans, the plans you had for the two of you. A perfect match you had envisioned that you would be together for a long time to come, and maybe even grow old together. You were more than ready to make the big commitment. But then it all went sour.

That’s how it often feels when your offer on a house didn’t go through. Dramatic, maybe, but true. It can be a terrible feeling to know that you won’t be getting that perfect-for-you place after all. You won’t be cooking gourmet meals in that spacious kitchen with all new appliances. Or planting roses in that lovely fenced yard.

In fact, you’re no better off than when you started, in the same place you wanted to leave last year. When you lose out on a house you wanted, the heartbreak is real. It’s the real estate version of being dumped right when you started scouting honeymoon spots.

So what do you do when the Waterloo Region home that was supposed to be ‘The One’ turns out to be just that, but for someone else? Give up? Wait a while? Get right back out there? Here are some tips.

Don’t linger too long on your previous rejection.

Thinking of “that home” as “The One That Got Away” will prevent you from giving other homes a fair chance. It is important to move on completely and accept that you’ll have to find a different dream home. You’ll be sad for a few days and that’s OK. But there are other great houses out there, and maybe even one that’s even better. But you’ll never find out if you don’t get back out and look.

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Don’t get emotionally attached to a house before you’ve even sealed the deal.

Now that you know that you can’t get a house just because you really, really want it — always remind yourself to NOT get carried away on your first visit to a home for sale. Imagining how you’ll furnish the living room and envisioning the best shade of blue paint for that lovely master bedroom — all these kinds of things will lead to even more heartbreak if don’t get your way.

However, this doesn’t mean that you should never get excited about viewing a home. Just keep your hopes a little muted and don’t make any renovation plans just yet.

Remember what made you love the first home.

Instead of dwelling on the rejection, use the first home as basis for the next home you may choose. List down the features that made the first home so desirable to you. Just because you didn’t get that house doesn’t mean that you’ll never find another one with similar qualities.

Learn from the experience.

It is important to communicate with your real estate agent about how you can make your next offer stand a better chance of being accepted. Maybe next time, you can start with a stronger offer, perhaps by agreeing to pay for your own title policy, or not making the seller too many requests.

Whatever it is you think you can improve, discuss it with your real estate agent and let them guide you to a solid strategy that will result in the happy ever after ending you want this whole home buying business to result in.

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