Backyard Landscaping Ideas For The Gardening Challenged

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While the current coronavirus crisis is keeping many of us at home that does not mean you cannot get outside in your own backyard, especially at a time when the weather is starting to improve and Spring is now officially here. In fact, you really should, as all that vitamin D from the sun (even weak sun) is essential for good health.

If you are planning to sell your home at some point in the near future then you know how important curb appeal is. And maybe, with that in mind, you have been thinking about changing and improving the overall look of your backyard, but feel that you lack the gardening skills to make a good job of it but you do not really have the spare money to hire a professional landscaper (and getting one would be pretty much impossible right now anyway)

The good news is that there are some popular backyard landscaping ideas that are not as difficult to implement as you might imagine and in terms of looks and appeal they are certainly wonderful. Any supplies needed can be purchased online (the likes of Amazon, Lowes and Walmart are still delivering) and some local Waterloo Region garden centres are offering delivery services too.

To help spark your creativity and imagination, here are a few backyard landscaping ideas we love and that usually prove very popular with home buyers too, as they are fairly easy to maintain:

The English Country Garden

The type of backyard landscape that the professionals refer to as an English style garden, usually centres around a square patch of green lawn. Keeping a lawn green is not as hard as you think though, as long as you are careful to not over-water it and use a good grass seed.

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To create the feel of an English garden, which is a very traditional look, the patch of lawn should be surrounded by border plants and shrubs, which while very attractive are also some of the easiest to cultivate.

Oriental Garden

For those who prefer a back yard landscape that is a little more spartan and minimalist than most landscaping themes – and one that also requires less maintenance, then an oriental style garden may be the perfect choice.

The central features of an Oriental style back yard usually include carefully placed rocks, lush and long-lasting evergreens and stylish water features, none of which really call for a great deal of effort in order to maintain them.

Woodland Garden

If your back yard already has a number of trees you are already halfway towards creating a rather magical woodland garden anyway. The idea behind such a landscaping choice is to highlight the natural way that fauna grows in a wooded area so, if you are looking for a very low maintenance landscaping theme whose beauty will not really suffer if it goes a little untended, this may be the perfect choice for you.

The main component of a woodland garden are wild flowers. You can actually buy seed mixtures that will create a beautiful carpet of wildflowers in just a few months that will then practically take care of themselves.

Butterfly Gardens

There are certain trees, shrubs and flowers that are especially attractive to the butterfly population. By creating a butterfly garden you will not only be attracting a some actual living color to your backyard to brighten up the landscape but doing your bit for conservation as well.

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These butterfly attracting plants include sunflowers, clovers, snapdragons, lupins and pansies and if you wanted to add a tree or two any member of the birch family would be an excellent choice.

Xeriscape Gardens

The term Xeriscape is derived from the Greek for ‘dry scene’ and this garden style is loved by environmentalists – and people who are not too fond of too much garden work – because the whole purpose behind it is to conserve water.

Xeriscapes are gardens that make use of plants that can survive with a lot less water than others. This does not however mean that it consists of a backyard full cacti. White snowberry, perennial forget-me-not, lavender and a family of flowering shrubs called rabbitbrush can all survive with very little water.

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