Is Your Agent Digital Marketing Savvy? They Should Be

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Let’s face it: businesses in the 21st century are nothing without online marketing. And real estate companies are no exception. Real estate is sales, and sales falls under the marketing umbrella. That’s why it’s crucial to pick an agent who is not only familiar with digital marketing but also skilled in it.

Real Estate and The Digital Age

The sale of a house is impossible without people knowing the house is on the market. How do agents get the word out? They can list your home on the MLS and stick a “For Sale” sign in front of the home, but if this is all they’re doing, your home will not get sold as fast as it could – or should – ne

If you’re interested in buying a house, where are you going to go first? The internet. So if you want your home sold fast, you’ll want to develop a presence in there fast.

But there’s more. Social media, email marketing, text marketing, content, lead generation, and paid ads are all major digital marketing tools that your agent should have in their vocabulary. They should be proficient enough in digital marketing and social media to not only be familiar with current trends but also be able to incorporate them into a marketing campaign that will get your house sold.

What to Look For in Your Real Estate Agent

So if digital marketing is so important, what should you be asking your agent to make sure they are strong enough in it for you?

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Stalk their social media profiles. How do they present the homes they’re selling? Do they include videos, graphics? What is the quality of these graphics and videos? How do they describe the home? Do they have a strong following on social media? Do their posts engage you personally? Do they offer advice, via a blog? Do they engage on social media?

Look at competing real estate agents’ social media profiles and websites. Are they doing something more effective than what others are doing?

Talk with your agent about their marketing strategy. Do they seem like they’ve given marketing a lot of thought? Do they have a structure or strategy to their marketing? If so, what does this strategy look like?

Ask them how digital marketing will play into their marketing strategy. Are they knowledgeable of current digital marketing trends? Do they understand the role of digital marketing in real estate?

Ask them what digital marketing tactics they think are the strongest in selling a home. Does their answer make sense to you?

Ask them what they will do to maximize the exposure of your home. Do they focus on digital methods, such as cold emails, calls, texts, newsletters, virtual tours, ads, social media posts, and so on? Do they have a diverse knowledge of marketing, including content and SEO to boost search engine rankings?

Overall, a real estate agent who is illiterate in digital marketing will not go very far. When looking for the top real estate agent in Waterloo, you should have a strong emphasis on digital marketing in your interviews.

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Your real estate agent should be the expert in getting your house seen, so get your money’s worth. Do some research on digital marketing and put your agent to the test. Their marketing strategies are the ones that will ultimately get your house sold.

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